Thanks for Knocking!

Thanks for knocking!

Do you love music? When we listen to certain songs, we experience some unique feeling which is not so hard to explain. Listen to Music – The life giver podcast (in தமிழ்/Tamil) where individuals share some interesting stories from life experiences which relates them to a song or music. Do you have such story to share? Click here to record. You also hear some interesting facts about music and some songs in particular. A journey to explore that music is the ultimate life giver.

You can listen to all the episodes right here!

S2 Ep4: Mogathirai – It has been a decade Music The Life Giver – A Tamil Podcast

Have you ever experienced time travel? Some songs are so powerful which takes our memories back in time. What is your time travel song?  This podcast is presented by BlacBoat media. Follow us on instagram @musicthelifegiver Music Credits: Mogathirai and Prelude by Santhosh Narayanan, Theme by Blue Dot Sessions
  1. S2 Ep4: Mogathirai – It has been a decade
  2. S2 Ep3: A Unique Genre – War and Art
  3. Ravi Natarajan – Author of Raja The Genius
  4. S2 Ep2: Raasa Magaraasa – Another tribute to Oppari
  5. S2 Ep1: Karuppi – A tribute to Oppari

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