Take For Granted – Episode 1

This amazing invention has shaped mankind and played (well still plays) a vital role in enduring culture, literature, science, art and what not. You are able to read and understand what I am trying to say, because you and me have a common knowledge of how English works. We were able to climb up to the top of the food chain not just because of the size frontal lobe but also how we used it to evolve the medium of all sorts of communication. We use language to communicate, teach, write, learn which in-turn enriched our intelligence generation after generation. While animals are great in communicating among the herds, we went further to store and share our knowledge across the world. Which in fact changed the our game.

Did you know how many languages we speak across the world? Which country do you think speak most number of languages? Listen to episode-1 from Knock-This-Door podcast which was aired on June 2019 to know more.

Are you a fan of Tamil podcasts? Then click here to listen in Tamil from akkannaa podcast.

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