Searching for happiness?

We often wonder whether we are really happy with our life. Sometimes we search for happiness all over the world, forgetting the fact that it could be just under our own feet. Here is what I don’t do to keep me sane by that I mean happy!

1. I don’t compare myself with others. I strongly believe that we all are unique in our own ways. Comparing only provokes envy.

2. I don’t worry about ‘worries & regrets’. We are not alone, all of us got our own huge list, which should be left behind. It doesn’t serve any purpose, as long as we don’t repeat our past mistakes.

3. I don’t overthink about anything. Overthinking is our brains favorite pass time, especially when we are bored. We should keep ourselves occupied (with good things, of course).

4. I may state the obvious here, I don’t let my past memories and future predictions spoil the present.

Despite of trying hard, say some problem popped up in your head, always remember this, a problem will either have a solution or there is no solution. Either cases the problem will eventually disappear.

Happiness is a state of mind. When our mind is in peace, we feel happy. What I shared here is just a small drop to remind ourselves that finding happiness is ultimately in our control.

As you know, change is constant. You can change your mood anytime, provided you take control of your mind slowly and steadily!

Published by Hariprasad

Son, Brother, Husband, Dad, Software Developer, Music Lover. Traveller, Podcaster

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