On a regular Sunday!

Reblog – Originally wrote in 2015

I woke up to a gloomy Sunday, all those blood-black-dark clouds were floating in the sky. Clouds were pretty much controlling the day, for one moment it looked so bright and another it looked too dark. I was sipping my morning coffee just to add a cherry to the top of situation. There was one reason I felt so relaxed, I had an early morning dream that it is already Monday, then when I woke up, I literally had to confirm that it was Sunday by checking my phone. I should say, it was such a great relief. I had no big goals for the day. It rained almost all the day to keep the dusty road as moist as possible. Every now and then I stepped out to the small corridor at my home to witness the beautiful weather. That strong breeze was killing me, it made me miss my girlfriend (now wife!) a lot more than usual. She was in Denmark, a weekend trip with her friends. I knew she misses me too. I was trying to find a perfect metaphor for this long-distance-love-feeling. The way you feel when your partner lives miles away is hard to explain and on top of that it is too hard to deal with.

I spent my day by watching couple of movies, crunching some food and drinking beer. Later in the evening I took a nap, which I kind of love to do during any given day if I am not at work. I don’t know how many of you like this feeling, going to bed when it is bright outside and wake up when it is dark. It kind of completes my cycle of sleep and I like it. I woke up to see nothing has changed in the weather expect that it was dark outside and the breeze got a little colder than before. My mind bugged me for another hot cup of coffee. At that right moment I wanted to write something. I love writing for two main reasons, 1 – it makes me think better about myself and 2 – it gives me some kind of opportunity to be graceful towards everything around me. I was trying to brainstorm on what should I write. You know these ideas struggle to pop up when you really like to write something. I had play some good music to cheer me up and here you go, I wrote this piece-of-blog which might not make much of a sense to anybody but me. As long as it makes you happy, nothing else matters. Isn’t it?

Published by Hariprasad

Son, Brother, Husband, Dad, Software Developer, Music Lover. Traveller, Podcaster

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