Philosophy of Love

Few years ago, I was discussing with my friend in the breakout area about the possibilities of how love blossoms between two hearts. Don’t we all wonder what being in love is all about and how we fall in love?

Well, here are my top 5(+1) philosophical reasoning on how love creeps into couples:

1. Curious Case – She/He is so curious about this guy, she thinks that he/she is so unique, he/she walks around like a Rubik cube that she/he is willing to solve. Being curious about someone mostly lead us to fall in love with that person if the discovery is pleasant.

2. Mutual Butterfly – A guy meets a girl/guy, both become friends, time flies by and they get to know each other very well and then they reach a point where they know that they are in love.

3. Same Boat – She/he met him/her in a similar life situation. May be both of them were searching for a job at the same time or both of them were hostages in a heist or both of them hate their social environment.

4. Lazy Love – This love is something most of us are familiar with, the proximity kind, between class mates, peers, neighbors etc., Not because they are lazy, but because they are under the same roof with a similar kind of interests.

5. Match Making – Yes, the customs, the horoscope matches, the zodiac matches, family likes each other and then make that couple fall in love by giving them the right circumstances.

Note: When I wrote this almost seven years ago, dating apps were not so popular. Here is the 6th category that exists now:

6. Swipe Left – Are we both compatible? Looks like Artificial Intelligence says so. Can we swipe left and go on a couple of dates? Looks like we love each other!

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