Are you an introvert?

2 minutes read Do you like to initiate conversations only when it is absolutely necessary? Your answer to that question is somewhat relevant to this blog. You don’t have to necessarily get out of being an introvert. However, like every extrovert in the world, your story is worth sharing. Yes, instead of talking out loudContinue reading “Are you an introvert?”


With the invention of paper we were able to easily spread the knowledge on science, literature, philosophy from one generation to another generation at a very low cost. This versatile material did not just stop at spreading knowledge in the form of newspapers and books, it took several avatars starting from napkins to carton boxes. IfContinue reading “Paper”


This is not an invention but a mind-blowing discovery which impacts human behavior in a strange way. There is a reason we see red as aggressive and dangerous color whereas blue as soft and trustworthy color. Sometimes you get up in the middle of the night to drink some water and in that darkness youContinue reading “Color”


This amazing invention has shaped mankind and played (well still plays) a vital role in enduring culture, literature, science, art and what not. You are able to read and understand what I am trying to say, because you and me have a common knowledge of how English works. We were able to climb up toContinue reading “Language”