Philosophy of Love

Few years ago, I was discussing with my friend in the breakout area about the possibilities of how love blossoms between two hearts. Don’t we all wonder what being in love is all about and how we fall in love? Well, here are my top 5(+1) philosophical reasoning on how love creeps into couples: 1. Curious CaseContinue reading “Philosophy of Love”

On a regular Sunday!

Reblog – Originally wrote in 2015 I woke up to a gloomy Sunday, all those blood-black-dark clouds were floating in the sky. Clouds were pretty much controlling the day, for one moment it looked so bright and another it looked too dark. I was sipping my morning coffee just to add a cherry to the top ofContinue reading “On a regular Sunday!”

Are you an introvert?

2 minutes read Do you like to initiate conversations only when it is absolutely necessary? Your answer to that question is somewhat relevant to this blog. You don’t have to necessarily get out of being an introvert. However, like every extrovert in the world, your story is worth sharing. Yes, instead of talking out loudContinue reading “Are you an introvert?”

Into the Island

Before I get into my first travel experience all by myself, I would like to double-quote few lines “Living a routine life for 60+ years in this universe won’t even get closer to what you learn from 10+ years of adventures life”. “Life is exciting when you wake up everyday and see a new sky”.Continue reading “Into the Island”


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About Me

I am Hariprasad and I currently work in a fin-tech company. Apart from work, my life revolves around my family and all the interests that I love to pursue along the way. This 9-5 work-life is just mundane and I strongly believe that we have a great ability to step out from that and do something out of the ordinary. I am podcaster who writes sometimes. I am fascinated about human evolution’s core pillars such as science, art, society and culture. To know more about my podcasts go here.

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